Your Menu…

When I created this company my vision was  ”Comfort Food with Class.”  I would make my client's favorite comfort foods and present it with class and style.  Thus, I created a menu with about 30 items.  I found out very quickly that this was not sufficient for my client’s needs.  They either thought that we would or could only make those 30 items.  That is not the case. 

I decided to take a different approach and I threw that menu out!  Rather than offer a limited menu to our clients, I decided to let the clients dictate what they would like for their menu.  When you choose COmfort Caterings LLC we will do an initial consultation which takes about 15-20 minutes.  Together we will brainstorm to come up with the best possible menu for your event.  We have found clients appreciate this approach as they have complete control over their menu.

So let us know what you would like.  We have access to thousands of recipes and have an amazing Pastry Chef that trained in France.  We will create any menu you like and can handle any event no matter the size.  So give us a call and let us know how we can help you with your event.


Steve Vedora


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